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For every Joanna Gaines enthusiast, “rustic chic” is your new middle name. Joanna has put her mark on the design world in a way that not just designers can relate, but those who have an eye for creativity can be inspired from. She has made industrial piping “chic” and old, worn furnishings “unique” and OK to use within the homes design. This newly reformed style features subtle color hues, dramatic architectural details, and antique furniture elements found throughout the home.

One of the most popular designs that this new “rustic chic” features are these beautiful sliding barn or antique door mounted on the wall. There are many design benefits for these sliding doors. #1 the door itself takes less floor space than a traditional door. So, if you have a tight space that you feel has too many doors, use this feature. #2 depending on your style, the door selected or designed can offer a unique design element in your home – a definite conversation piece and picture worthy!

The perfect weathered door is on high demand and can sometimes be a not so easy find. We here at Jollay Design have your covered! A huge shipment of these doors have just arrived and are going quick. So, if you need a little “rustic chic” in your life, Jollay Design is the place to be! We are open on Monday -Friday from 10-5 and by appointment on the weekends.

Here are a few of our inspirations that we found on this new popular home renovation!

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