Meet Me Under the Mistletoe!

Here is a step by step guide for any fashionista who wants to JAZZ IT UP this year with an exceptional Christmas tree!

What you will need:

Dress FormTree Trimmings (We used fresh cypress cut out of a tree. You could also go to a local Christmas tree farm and ask for the scrap trimmings.)

Chicken WireSheer Fabric
Floral WireWire Cutters
Christmas Lights
Decorations of your Choice

Step 1: Cut a piece of chicken wire large enough to wrap around the dress form and be certain that the lower portion flares out slightly. This will allow for your greenery to lay perfectly in a shape of a dress. Once you have the perfect shape, you will need to secure the ends together where they meet with the floral wire.

Step 2: Next you need to start adding the pieces of trimmings to the chicken wire. You will need to start from the bottom and work your way to the top, layering the pieces of trimmings on top of each other. To secure the trimmings to the chicken wire, you will need to wrap the floral wire to each end and attach to the form. Keep adding the greenery until the desired look.

Step 3: On to the top! Take your sheer fabric and wrap around the upper portion of your dress form. We added a Christmas ornament “broach” where we tied the sheer fabric and created a necklace to add some interest to the top!

Step 4: Now to the fun part! It’s time to decorate! Start by intermingling a strand of lights in and out of the trimmings. Then add your creative touch with your decorations!

Merry Christmas to you and we hope that you will share with us your creation!

Your designer friends,

Carol and April.


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