A DIY Thanksgiving! Stylish, Classy, and OH! So Easy!

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make a big impact on your Thanksgiving table.

Just by adding a few festive and personal touches within your decor, your guest will feel welcome and appreciated.

From flatware holders to painted gourds, we have complied a DIY’ers list that anyone can complete. Follow how we took just average, everyday items laying around the house and turned them into beautiful decorative pieces to set a table fit for a king!

Eat. Drink and Give Thanks Flatware Holder DIY

Step 1: Print out our custom designed template made just for you! We have marked grey lines that you will follow for the cut/fold areas.

Step 2: Cut the bottom portion of the paper off following the grey line. (We used a paper cutter to get our cuts precise. Scissors will work nicely also).


Step 3: Next you will cut right above the writing to the center of the paper, being certain not to go passed the grey line.


Step 4: Then you will cut the center down to the halfway mark.

Step 5: Fold the left half of the paper towards the back using the grey line as a guideline.

Step 6: Using double-sided tape you will tape the bottom and right sides together.


Leaf Candle Holders

Step 1: Gather All your Supplies:

LeavesTwo Heavy BooksTwo varying colors/types of dried beansRafiaGlass CylinderTea Light CandleDouble Sided Tape

Step 2: Pick turning leaves from tree branches. Select leaves that have not yet fallen. Choose brightly colored leaves!

Step 3: Press the leaves in a book and place another heavy book on top. Leave weighted for at least 24 hours.

Step 4: Place double sided tape completely around the glass cylinder. Drop down approximately 2 inches (depending on leaf size) and place another row of tape. You are making two (2) rows to secure the leaves near the top and bottom of the row.

Step 5: Place your leaves on tape to form a circle around your container. Tie raffia around your leaves to secure them.

Step 6: Pour the dried beans into your container and add the tea light. Viola!

Glass Gift Ware

This will work on any glassware: Vases, Wine and Martini Glasses, Beer Mugs – whatever! And they serve as little gifts guests can take home.

Step 1: Gather your supplies:

GlasswareRubbing AlcoholSponge Brushes (we used Spouncers multi-sized circles)Acrylic PaintMetallic Permanent Marker (we used gold Sharpie)

Step 2: Clean your glassware with Rubbing Alcohol

Step 3: Plan your design and personalization

Step 4: Have Fun Getting to Work! Let the paint dry a minimum of one hour between coats.

After final coat, place in a cool oven, set for 350o and bake for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off but let your glass cool completely before removing them.

Decorative Gourds

These decorative gourds can be used for centerpieces, porches and all over your home –

Not only are they festive, they are cheap and easy to make!

Step 1: Get your stuff together! You will need:

A selection of gourds in shapes and sizes you like.Spray paint (for your base)Acrylic for highlights (black, gold)



Step 2: Clean and dry them. Spray paint the entire gourd with desired base paint color and let dry.
Step 3: Add highlights with black (and/or gold, red, etc…) acrylic paint in sections. Place on your tabletop and enjoy all season long!!
Painted Pumpkins
These pumpkins add grace and beauty to any centerpiece.
Step 1: Get your stuff together! You will need:
Pumpkins! Choose them in shapes and sizes that appeal to youAcrylic flat matte paintPaint sponge brush60 grit sandpaper (for distressing)Acrylic sealer

Step 2: Wash and dry your pumpkins
Step 3: When thoroughly dry, paint your pumpkins! If more than one coat is required, let the pumpkin dry completely between coats.


Step 4: Carefully scrape off random areas, using the sandpaper, exposing the pumpkin’s true color, until you reach your desired amount of distress.


Step 5: You may want to top coat the entire pumpkin with clear acrylic sealer for more durability. Dry and Place!!

Gold Tipped Magnolias

Simple and lovely, these gold tipped magnolia fronds add natural beauty to your in and outdoor Autumn decorations.

Step 1: Get your stuff together! You will need:

Magnolia FrondsGold Metallic spray paint and primerPainter or masking tape


Step 2: Place tape 1-2 inches from end of leaf (or as desired!!) – Be certain to seal tightly on edge to be painted.


Step 3: Holding the stem downward, with tips of leaves pointing down, spray each tip individually. Set aside to dry, be careful the painted leaves are not touching each other.

Step 4: When dry, carefully remove the tape.


Gratitude Leafs

These gratitude leaves can be added to all kinds of holiday decorations: fruit, gourds, and – as in our case – Painted Pumpkins!

Step 1: Get your stuff together! You will need:

ScissorsJute twine


Step 2: Print out our custom designed template made just for you. Print, if desired, on a heavier paper.

Step 3: Cut just outside the lines, so when finished you can see a border.

Step 4: Punch a hole in the end of your leaf and, using your twine, tie around the stem of the pumpkin. Viola! Simply done!



Wallpaper Runner

Remnant Wallpaper is an excellent option for an inexpensive table runner. We purchased ours at our local Re-Store.

Step 1: Select a decorative roll which extends the length of your table – the overhang amount is up to you – Or, you don’t have to go the entire length! It’s entirely up to you! We extended ours in keeping with the length of the tablecloth, on this occasion.

Step 2: Cut your runner and tuck the ends in – and enjoy creating your beautiful and festive table-scape!


Wood Round Candle Holders

Textures and dimensions are important elements to add interest to your table-scape. Nature gives a lot of design elements if we but look for them!

Step 1: Take a hike or walk through the woods – when you find a fallen to tree, cut a log. And while you’re at it, break off some of the small branches (if you don’t use them in your table-scape you can always use it as kindling!) Seasoned wood works better, due to sap. Take home, and cut to desired lengths. These must be completely even. We cut ours from about two (2) to four (4) inches.

Yes this is it!! Simply place and center candles on them, motives, whatever! Use your imagination and place no limitations!!


Count Your Blessings

This sort of speaks for itself! While gathered around the table guest can jot down their blessings. Discussions typically take place and the room filled with love and thankfulness!


We hope that you have enjoyed our A DIY Thanksgiving! Stylish, Classy, and OH! So Easy! Blog. Stayed tuned in for more designer thoughts!

May you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Carol, April, and Karen

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